(*/10) I follow Bonfire since they released their debut "Don't Touch the Light" in the eighties. Already at this early stage the Bavarians wrote songs that were meant to stay, something that continued with "Fireworks". Unfortunately the band went through several ups and downs, combined with many line-up changes, something that was a killer of constant development and continuity.

In the end it was, and is, founding member Hans Ziller, who never gave up on Bonfire and it seems that this passion is paying back in these days.

Bonfire found with ex-Accept singer David Reece an excellent replacement for Claus Lessmann. Reece's voice fits excellent to the band's sound since it is rough and melodic in one. When I heard the news that Reece is joining Bonfire, my first thought was more like this being a one time contribution. Fortunatelly I was wrong.

Bonfire released with "Glörious" a pretty good new album a few month ago, supported by heavy touring through, mainly, Germany.

Facing the fact the Bonfire celebrates its 30 anniversary this year Ziller & Co. decided to do something special for the fans that hold faith with the band for those three decades. The band took a list of Bonfire classics and made a two-CD release out of it. The first disc is called "Rock Pearls" and contains, as the title promises, the heavy rockers. I was happy to see my faves like "Sweet Obsession" and "Under Blue Skies" on the tracklist. The only classic I'm really missing is "S.D.I." from the debut album.

The second part of this release is entitled "Classic Pearls". Ziller and his gang took the effort to re-arrange those nine songs. Highlights such as "Who's Foolin' Who" and "You Make me Feel" got an new expression by becoming acoustic tunes which is a great reward for Bonfire fans.

This "Best of..." collection makes sense to me since it marks, together with "Glörious", a kind of Indian Summer for the band from Ingolstadt. Bonfire regained some stability and hopefully the combination Ziller/Reece will stay for some more years.





CD 1: Rock Pearls

  1. Strike Back
  2. Under Blue Skies
  3. Diamond in the Rough
  4. Proud of my Country
  5. Sweet Home Alabama
  6. Don't Go Changing Me
  7. Sweet Obsession
  8. American Nights
  9. Good Time Rock'n'Roll
  10. Heat in the Glow
  11. Can't Stop Rocking
  12. Down to Atlanta
  13. Loaded Gun

CD 2: Classic Pearls:

  1. You Make me Feel
  2. Give it a Try
  3. Whos Foolin' Who
  4. I Need You
  5. Goodnight Amanada
  6. Southern Winds
  7. If It wasn't For You
  8. Why It's Never Enough
  9. Lets' Fly Away


Label: UDR

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: March 18th, 2016

CD review BONFIRE "Pearls"
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