(*/10) Also this "Best of..." album will not answer the question about the 'why'. It might make sense for collectors and rookies, but each fan normally calls the regular records already their own.

This time it's Ensiferum that releases a "Best of..." album to celebrate their 20st anniversary. But actually the album doesn't look back on the entire career of the band. "Two Decades of Great Sword Hits" is only featuring songs from the first five records of the finnish warriors, a time when they had Spinefarm as their label. This means there is no song from the latest record on this longplayer, since "One Man Army" was released via Metal Blade.

Anyhow, what to say you don't know already. Classics like "Token of Time" found a spot on the tracklist as well as 'newer' songs such as "In My Sword I Trust". Each of the tunes that made it on this album is well chosen and it reflects in my point of view the journey of Ensiferum very well.

It would have been nice though, if there would have been one or two new songs on this longplayer too. Or it would have been even better to enrich this release with a live DVD. At least something extra would have been great for the fans.

Not having this included in "20 Decades of Great Sword Hits" means, that there isn't anything new for Ensiferum fans. Therefore I can sum it up like that: great band with great songs, produced in an excellent way...but nothing new at all. And since all this is a fact I recommend the regular releases.





  1. By the Dividing Stream
  2. Heathen Horde
  3. One More Magic Portion
  4. In My Sword I Trust
  5. Token of Time
  6. Dragonhead
  7. Twilight Tavern
  8. Burning Leaves
  9. Treacherous Gods
  10. Lai Lai Hei
  11. Two of Spades
  12. Iron
  13. From Afar
  14. Victory Song


Label: Spinefarm

Genre: Folk Metal

Release Date EU: April 1st, 2016

CD review ENSIFERUM "Two Decades of Greatest Swords Hits"
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