(8/10) It was three years ago when I heard of Hammer Fight the first time. The four-piece from New Jersey released their "Chug of War" album which wasn't too bad. Actually it was quite good tharsh metal that was raw, with a certain kick-ass attitide.

In the meantime a few years went by, Hammer Fight signed with Napalm Records and the new album is ready for the fans, waiting for the final release.

"Profound and Profane" is the title of the bands second full-length album and it's a big step forward. Like on the debut also this record is reall food for headbangers. What sounded a bit half-baked on the debut found its next level on this album.

There is for example Hammer Fights 'interpretation of "West Side Story", a song that is a raging thrasher. No, actually it's a thrash-hardcore crossover - the perfect soundtrack for a serious circle pit.

Another highlight is for sure the fast "Good Times in Dark Ages". This tune is a mean thrash rocker that includes some dirty Motörhead combiuned with the raw energy of hardcore. 

After aving listened to the first tracks on "Profound and Profane" you can't believe what you listen to when "Low & Broken" starts. This songs starts acoustic and ... it stays acoustic. But it's the rough vocals of Drew Murphy that keeps the song far away from any 'ballad' approach and it states, that acoustic doesn't mean soft and cheesy. A brave number that is jaw-dropping.

The pattern partly comes back with "The Crate", but here the acoustic intro turns into a metal beast with an exciting guitar solo.

There might be some tracks on the album that can't keep the high level of the mentioned tracks ("Cell Mates") but in the end this album offers a lot of great stuff that you should check-out. 

Two steps forward, no step back from Hammer Fight. 





  1. Picking Up Change
  2. Target Acqured
  3. Into the Dark
  4. Good Times in Dark Ages
  5. Gods of Rock'n'Roll
  6. Low & Broken
  7. Private Stock
  8. The Ultimate Sacrifice
  9. Cell Mates
  10. West Side Story
  11. The Crate
  12. Cult of Conceit


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: March 25th, 2016

CD review HAMMER FIGHT "Profound and Profane"
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