(8/10) For the ones of you being scared of some first sun rays announcing spring, there is some cure, in case you want to continue with a greyish winter blues. Novembre releases there new album that features ten melancolic chapters which feel literally like November returning.

The guys from Rome release with "URSA" (stand for 'Union des Répubiques Socialistes Animales' which is the French translation of George Orweel's masterpice 'Animal Farm') their eighth album which brings a period of nine years without any record to an end. "The Blue" dates back to 2007 which feels like ages ago. 

Novembre used the years for a renewal. In the end it is only Carmelo Orlando that is still part of the line-up, from the early days till nowadays. He is, together with guitarist Massimiliano Pagliuso, the driving force behind the band. The two guys completed Novembre's line-up by adding Fabio Fraschini (b) and drummer David Folchitto. Actually there is also a guest appearance on "URSA". Katatonia's Anders Nyström supported with some vocals on the swinging "Annoluce" - swinging in the terms of Novembre, since it is one of the catchier tunes on "URSA".

Talking about Katatonia, I think it's not a coninsident that Nyström has a guest appearence. There are some parallels between the two bands. It's the same melancholic wistfulness both bands have in common, even though the musical expression of those emotions slightly differs.

However, Novembre has the melodic moments they burned on this album, but they come with heavily downtuned guitars too. "The Rose" is far a away from a scentful flower. This rose must be a black one, at least if I listen to the Paradise Lost-like riffing and the deep growls. That Novembre isn't afraid of also including 'non-metal' instruments is obvious with songs like "Oceans if Afternoons", a number that ends with a well placed saxophone part.

The title songs instead is a raging death metal anthem with some melodic guitarlines and clean vocals, both in a constant interplay with brutal growls. It's those contrapoints that make the music of "URSA" exciting from song one to song ten.

The sound of Novembre's newest kid in town is nothing to complain about too. Knowing that Dan Swanö was in charge of the production means the result being a treat for each metal ear.

Like mentioned in the beginning, people that are afraid of sun rays, breaking the winter period, will love this album. But also each fan of bands like Katatonia and Paradise Lost should seriously consider buying this longplayer.





  1. Australis
  2. The Rose
  3. Umana
  4. Easter
  5. URSA
  6. Oceans of Afternoons
  7. Annoluce
  8. Agathae
  9. Bremen
  10. Fin


Label: Peaceville

Genre: Dark Metal

Release Date EU: April 1st, 2016

Tag(s) : #Novembre, #Dark Metal, #Death Metal, #News, #Heavy Metal, #Doom Metal