(8/10) The first time I have heard songs from The Treatment was in 2011 in Zoetermeer, Holland when the guys opened for Alice Cooper. The Treatment wasn't that well known at that point in time but I liked the energy and the sound of the band. Now, 5 years later, The Treatment releases their next longplayer called "Generation Me".

"Let It Begin" is the opener and the title couldn't be chosen better. It's vigogrous song that brings your lazy bones into motion.

That AC/DC is one source of inspiration is a statement proven by "The Devil". But instead of just sticking to an AC/DC blues riff the guys take a wider approach by adding more shades to their hardrocking sound.

The Treatment shift up a gear with "Tell Me the Truth" which is a headbanger per excellence.

Even catchy songs like "Backseat Heartbeat" aren't cheesy. The Treatment is never losing themselves in standard mainstream. Even though some tracks are a bit more polished than others, the guys still had enough dirt under their fingernails during the songwriting which makes even the commercial songs crunchy and rocking.

All in all "Generation Me" contains tracks that aren't really innovative rock science. But they are steady hardrock anthems that contain a true rock'n'roll vibe that reflects power and passion.





  1. Let it begin
  2. The Devil
  3. Tell Us The Truth
  4. Generation Me
  5. Backseat Heartbeat
  6. Cry Tough
  7. We Are Beautiful
  8. I Know She Knows
  9. Bloodsucker
  10. Better Think Again
  11. Light The Sun


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: March 18th, 2016

CD review THE TREATMENT "Generation Me"
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