(7/10) Oh boy, those three guys gave me a hard time? No, not because their music is a desaster, not at all. I was more thinking about how relevent Three Trapped Tigers are for the readers of my blog. However, I decided to post a review and here it is.

Three Trapped Tigers are from London, England. The guys aren't rookies since they actually started already back in 2007. Tom Rogerson, Adam Betts and Matt Calvert, that are the names of the three 'tigers' who play instrumental rock.

Three Trapped Tigers' sound isn't that easy to describe. I would say that it is rock music, that includes a lot of electronic finesse and samples. In addition there are some prog structures showing up, merged with some louder noise parts. In the end it is very interesting music the three guys put on their new album "Silent Earthling" which is the bands first album for Superball Music.

Having said this, Three Trapped Tigers didn't release a lot of longplayers up till now. "Silent Earthling" is their second album, following the debut from 2011 named "Root One or Die". Instead of having published more longplayers the trio release a few EPs, simply called "EP", "EP2" and "EP3".

Anyhow, enough of looking back, let's focus on "Silent Earthling". The album features nine instrumental tracks, starting with the title track.

"Silent Earthling" is a tune full of electronica that interacts with some more chaotic noise rock structures. Songs like "Kraken" follow the same pattern by having a slightly different expression. These are doubtless interesting numbers, but my favorites on this intensive longplayer are the tunes that brings the noise more to forefront. "Blimp" is on of these tracks that has a quite 'noisy' middlepart. The start is pretty melodic and maybe even catchy, something that changes after a while when the sound gets more heavy and dynamic.

Then there are also tracks like "Engrams" on the album that have been a bit annoying to listen from beginning till end. It's a track that is confusing and hard to diguest. I never found my way into this song.

As said in the beginning, "Silent Earthling" might not be that exciting for some of you guys, but if you like progressive music you should give this longplayer a fair chance. "Silent Earthling" might feel a bit confusing in the first run, but it develops over time and that's what it needs - time.





  1. Silent Earthling
  2. Strebek
  3. Kraken
  4. Blimp
  5. Engrams
  6. Tekkers
  7. Hemisphere
  8. Rainbow Road
  9. Elsewhere


Label: Superball Music

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: April 1st, 2016


CD review THREE TRAPPED TIGERS "Silent Eartling"
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