(8/10) Bavarian thrashers Toxic Waltz have their next album in the starting blocks, ready to be shipped to the record stores. "Decades of Pain" was the bands debut which was released in 2014. The new album seamlessly continues where the guys from Landsberg stopped two years ago.

The new record "From a Distant View" is full of Bay Area-based thrash metal that takes its most inspiration from bands like Exodus (see the name of the band) and Testament. Even though Jimi, Alex and the gang didn't change their sound dramatically there is still some development that you can hear in most of the songs.

Compared to the debut, that new album sounds more dynamic and lively. The first album was really good, but the new record is better. There are more twists and surprises in most of the songs, something the debut was lacking. Then there are very well placed leads and raging solos that have been further developed and reached a next level. And last but not least there are some metalcore influences here and there which gives Toxic Waltz' sound partly a new expression without denying the thrash roots.

Next to all this I think that the extensive touring had some influences on the new album. Toxic Waltz sounds very thight on "From a Distant View", something that's very much supported by a forceful sound the album got.

Toxic Waltz' second album is a well-crafted metal release that is the second pillar of the bands foundation in German/European thrash metal. Join the waltz.





  1. Deify
  2. Blindness
  3. Generosity Exploided
  4. From a Distant View
  5. Off to the Road
  6. Secret War
  7. The Gold You Want
  8. 13 Days to Live
  9. Eternal Aftermath
  10. Mass Atrocity


Label: Violent Creek

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: March 18th, 2016




CD review TOXIC WALTZ "From a Distant View"
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