(6/10) Innovation is something good, creativity is a must and well-learnt musical craftsmenship is a big benefit. All these things come together in Van Canto. The Berlin-based sextet is building their sound on five strong voices with the addition of some drums. No guitars, no keyboards and sometimes even no bass. Almost everyhting you'll hear on this album is hand-made, or better 'mouth-made'.

Actually it is quite impressive to hear what you can do with voices. Instruments, including guitars and riffs, are very well done just by using lips and tongue.

The album starts with a two minutes prologue. A narrator tells the story of broken harmony before with "Clashings on Armour Plates" the first real track starts.  I have respect for this kinf of music but I honestly also never really found my way into Van Canto's sound. Also the opener doesn't change this fact.

Unfortunately this goes for the next songs too, regardless if it's the melodic "The Betrayal" or the almost doomy "Dragonwake".

I think, that Van Canto added another interesting album to their discography, in case you're a fan of this kind of music. What was a challenging and interesting new approach in the beginning became a predictable sound that is hard to develop further. In the end I think that this is a pity, esp. since each singer has a great voice that could shine far more in a more traditional rock/metal outfit. And with these words ... an album for fans, but no record to gain new supporters.





  1. Prologue
  2. Clashing on Armour Plates
  3. Dragonwake
  4. Time and Time again
  5. All my Life
  6. Battleday's Dawn
  7. Firevows (Join the Journey)
  8. The Oracle
  9. The Betrayal
  10. We are One
  11. The Bardcall
  12. To Catharsis


Label: earMUSIC

Genre: A-Capella Metal

Release Date EU: March 11th, 2016

CD review VAN CANTO "Voices of Fire - Metal Vocal Musical"
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