(5/10) Lizzies is a four piece from Madrid, Spain and it feels like the girls want to be the Southern Europe equivalent to Girlschool. At least there are some parallels in the sense of four girls playing straigh forward classic metal that is very much NWoBHM inspired.

"Good Luck" is the debut of the girls and it features nine songs. Some of these tracks are OK. "Mirror Maze" is one of them. It's a midpace rocker that has a good groove, a strong beat and a catchy melody. Another tune that feels good is the fast "Speed on the Road". This song is pure metal.

Unfortunately there are also numbers on the album that aren't thrilling at all. "Phoenix" sounds unfinished, "Viper" gives the idea of having heard the same story over and over again, something that goes for "Russian Roulette" too.

Another weak point, next to the songwriting, is singer Elena. Although she tries hard she is far away from genre icons like Kim McAuliffe and Doro Pesch.

What also surprise me is the sound of "Good Luck". Ola Ersfjord, a guy that gave bands like Dead Lords an excellent sound, was responsible for this album too, but it sounds a bit breathless and bloodless. Maybe it was the intention to give the album a very basic sound. In this case it was a success, but the real punch is missing.

"Good Luck" is an album that shows passion, which doesn't necessarily leads to great music. There are better releases and in the end I prefer Girlschool if I want to listen to this kind of music.





  1. Phoenix
  2. 666 Miles
  3. Viper
  4. Mirror Maze
  5. Night in Tokyo
  6. Speed on the Road
  7. One Night Woman
  8. Russian Roulette
  9. 8 Ball


Label: The Sign Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: April 1st, 2016

CD review LIZZIES "Good Luck"
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