(7/10) Black Rainbows is based in Rome, Italy and the trio releases with "Stellar Prophecy" their fourth longplayer. Since Gabriele Fiori, Alberto Croge and Guiseppe Guglielmino signed with Heavy Psych Sounds Records, a door went open for more international attention for Black Rainbows. Let's see if the guys use the chance with "Stellar Prophecy".

The music of Black Rainbows can be described as psychedelic rock, that has some Monster Magnet included ("Woman" and "Golden Widow"). Not the Dave Wyndorf and Co. created the blueprint for the Italians, but they had an impact on the songs of "Stellar Prophecy". Next to these more current influencers, band like Black Sabbath and MC5 made an impression on the trio too, not to forget the stoner moments, like in "Evil Snake", that reminds party of Kyuss. Actually it's this tune that is also one of the best tracks on the album. "The Travel" is one of the more experimental songs while pace increases with "Electrifiy". The latter, by the way the opener, is a really charged up number which underlines, Black Rainbows is best when they play faster and harder. As soon as they enter a moderate speed the songs partly get more annoying.

"Stellar Prophecy" is an album that is solid, with some ups and downs. Not more but also not less.





  1. Electrify
  2. Woman
  3. Golden Widow
  4. Evil Snake
  5. It's Time to Die
  6. Keep the Secret
  7. The Travel


Label: Heavy Psych Sounds Records

Genre: Psychedelic Rock

Release Date EU: April 15th, 2016


CD review BLACK RAINBOWS "Stellar Prophecy"
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