(7/10) Knifeworld pick-it up where the guys from the UK stopped with their earlier "The Unravelling" album. The guys focus again on pretty complex music that demands quite some skills and musical craftmanship. Knifeworld has embedded all this as a fix component in their band and they make full use of it too.

Next to the expertise of  musicians and the band, it's the approach that makes a distinction in music, and especially in prog rock. One way is to use the capabiliteis to create approachable songs for a bigger audience by using the entire toolkit for creating complex compositions that are still putting the song itself into the forefront. And then there are bands that use all the prowess to build numbers that follow a quite rational way forward. Knifeworld belongs to the latter. There is no good and/or bad when it comes to this choice. It's just a different way to create music on a high level that might reach different target groups too.

In case of Knifeworld's newest album "Bottled Out of Eden" you'll find eleven songs that are on a high level. Throughout the entire album the jaw-dropping moments are present, but probabaly more for musicians rather than for non-musicians.

I'm caught somewhere in the middle when it comes to "Bottled Out of Eden". One the one hand I appreciate the technical level of this release, but I also had a hard time to listen to the album in one go. Sometimes the songs felt for me a bit too scattered with too many things happening in a very short amount of time. In one or another way I missed the flow. Not that it's not there, but it's hard to discover.

"Bottled Out of Eden" is for sure no musical junkfood. This release is more a kind of eleven course menu with high-quality incrediences, which maybe not everyone likes.

I guess that this album would be '9' for musicians, but for me, with all the good and the bad described earlier, it gets a '7', including a lot of respect for the musical achievement.





1. High/Aflame
2. The Germ Inside
3. I Am Lost
4. The Deathless
5. Foul Temple
6. Vision Of The Bent Path
7. I Must Set Fire To Your Portrait
8. Lowered Into Necromancy
9. A Dream About A Dream
10. Secret Words
11. Feel The Sorcery


Label: InsideOut Music

Genre: Prog Rock

Release Date EU: April 22th, 2016

CD review KNIFEWORLD "Bottled Out Of Eden"
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