(*/10) André Andersen and his gang are at the start with a new live album. After having published the quite good "Devil's Dozen" album Royal Hunt joined a few festivals around the globe. The guys have been part of the billing of ProgPower(USA), Loud Park (Japan) and Rockingham (UK), three of the bigger festivals.

The five-piece decided to tape the shows and the new live album is what came out of these recordings. In total the release features 12 songs, spread out over two CD's. The special goodie is the fact, that Royal Hunt performed the entire "Paradox" album from 1997, embedded in classics - some newer like "A Life to Die For", some older ("The Mission") from 2001.

For the rest I can say, that the sound is really good, DC Cooper is still great frontman/singer and songs like "River of Pain" are real melodic metal pearls.

"Cargo" isn't a 'must have', but due to the fact that the quintet performs the entire "Paradox" album it's also more than just another live album. At least for true Royal Hunt fans "Cargo" has enough to offer that's worth to spend some Euro.





  1. The Mission
  2. Half Past Loneliness
  3. The Awakening
  4. River of Pain
  5. Tearing Down the World
  6. Message to God
  7. Long Way Home
  8. Time Will Tell
  9. Silent Scream
  10. It's Over
  11. May You Never Walk Alone
  12. A Life to Die For


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release Date EU: March 18th, 2016


CD review ROYAL HUNT "Cargo"
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