(8/10) To start with the really bad thing means, talking about the artwork of The Defiants debut. I don't know if this Western style cover work should be cool or if it should reflect a kind of outlaw thing. In the end it doesn't support the music at all and in my case it even led to some resistance listening to the album. But in the end it was a good decision to press the 'start' button since the music on this longplayer is quite good.

Who are these guys? Paul Laine, Bruno Ravel and Rob Marcello, these names might ring a bell. At least the older ones of you should know them from Danger Danger. Knowing this gives you already an idea about the sound of The Defiants. We are talking about 80's inspired hardrock with a huge melodic compontent and some sing-a-long parts. What's the joy with this record is, that the guys manage to play melodic metal, working with a lot of 80's rock-steroetypes by avoiding any cliche.

Each of the songs is a catchy rocker, that never gets too soft. Although keyboards are playing a crucial part in The Defiants' sound, it's the guitars that are mostly in the forefront. Sometimes, like in "Waiting on a Heartbreak", things tend to become a bit too much of AOR, something that gets balanced by straight rocker like "The Last Kiss" and "Take Me Back".

And even the soulful "Save me Tonight" isn't a downer. This haoc-ballad feels more like a natural part of this album rather than a checkpoint on the to-do list of a standard rock album.

I can recommend to neglect the artwork of this album. Dive into the music directly and you will find some good hardrock music that works perfect for the upcoming spring period. The right album at the right moment in time.





  1. Intro (Carillon's Theme)
  2. Love and Bullets
  3. When the Lights Go Down
  4. Waiting on a Heartbeat
  5. Runaway
  6. Lil' Miss Rock'n'Roll
  7. The Last Kiss
  8. Save me Tonight
  9. Take me Back
  10. We All Fall Down
  11. That's When I'll Stop Loving You
  12. Underneath the Stars


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Melodic Rock

Release Date EU: April 15th, 2016

CD review THE DEFIANTS "The Defiants"
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