Good news for all prog metal fans. Fates Warning is close to finish their 12th studio album "Theories of Flight". Release date is July 1st and the longplayer of the five-piece comes via Inside Out.

The artwork for the album was created by Migigan artist Graceann Warn and Fates Warning guitarist / main composer Jim Matheos comments as follows: “The working title for the album was “The Ghosts Of Home”’ and the song with that name was first called “Home Again”. When I started searching for artwork I came across the piece that’s now the cover and it was called “Theories Of Flight”. In fact, the title you see on the cover is part of the original art, not something we added. There’s a loose theme running through a lot of the lyrics, and this developed organically and separately, where Ray and I are often writing about various uprooting, escapes….flights. So I was immediately drawn to that phrase as being a better description of what some of the songs are about.”


Last but not least, here comes the tracklist:

  1. From The Rooftops
  2. Seven Stars
  3. SOS
  4. The Light And Shade Of Things
  5. White Flag
  6. Like Stars Our Eyes Have Seen
  7. The Ghosts Of Home
  8. Theories Of Flight


New FATES WARNING album in July
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