(8/10) In one of my latest reviews, I think it was in the one about the new Protector album, I mentioned a revival of German thrash metal. At least the second wave of German thrash band from the 80's gain momentum by releasing new albums. During the last month we welcomed a new Exumer disc, Protector had a release too and now it's the German thrashers of Assassin that surprises us with a brand new riff assault.

The band released their latest album "Breaking the Silence" back in 2011, a record that sounded quite well, but didn't reach the wildness of the debut album. "The Upcoming Terror" from 1987 was the milestone for Assassin, an level the guys couldn't reach anymore with the predecessors.

Now, almost thirty years after having published the debut, the band from Duesseldorf, Germany, is back with a new longplayer. "Combat Cathedral" is the name of this album that features twelve brutal thrash songs.

Assassin didn't write this album for just having another release. Each of the tracks doesn't take any prisoners, something that becomes crystal clear already after having listened to the first songs. "Back from the Dead", nomen ad omen, "Frozen Before Impact" and "Undying Mortality" might not be filigrane compositions, but that's also nothing we expect from Assassin. Those tracks are angry thrashers that live by their merciless punch. Each of the twelve songs is a hit right into your face, a potential kock-out. "Combat Cathedral" doesn't give you moments of relexation. This album is an unstoppable steam hammer, that you better don't try to stop.

"Combart Cathedral" is far better than what I have expected from the five-piece from Duesseldorf. The new record might not reach the debut either, but it's for sure another step back on the metal stage. "Combat Cathedral" has this oldschool vibe without coming across dusty and oldfashioned. If you like (German) thrash metal you need to check out this longplayer. It's worth it.





  1. Back From The Dead
  2. Frozen Before Impact
  3. Undying Mortality
  4. Servant Of Fear
  5. Slave Of Time
  6. Whoremonger
  7. Cross The Line
  8. What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes Me Stronger
  9. Ambush
  10. Word
  11. Sanity From The Insane
  12. Red Alert


Label: SPV/Steamhammer

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: May, 20st, 2016

CD review ASSASSIN "Combat Cathedral"
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