(8/10) In a world where it is more and more difficult to find a new name for a band I think that 'Helhorse' sounds pretty cool.

The guys from Copenhagen, Denmark, started back in 2006 under the banner of Dødning, a band that merged various influences from punk, hardcore and metal. In the meantime the guys changed a few things, amongst others the name of the band. Helhorse, the new name, could be interpreted as an English word, but actually it isn't. The word is taken from a poem, written by Danish writer Steen Steensen Blicher. 'Helhorse' actually means 'Ghost Horse' and it is mentioned in the poem as being the bringer of destruction and death.

Now, I wouldn't go that far, describing the album as destructive and it isn't neither dead nor death metal. Anyhow, I think that the band's name expresses the sound quite well.

Helhorse's music is described a stoner/sludge and, yes, this is true. But I think it's a bit too narrow, since some thrash elements are included as well as some alternative metal.

One of the band's features is for sure the heavily downtuned guitars and the rough but melodic vocals of singer. Sometimes I had the feeling that Helhorse sounds like to more melodic 'brother' of bands like Crowbar and Down.

Songs that give you an idea about Helhorse's sound are the booming opener "Carry Your Own" with its heavy riffs and melancholic vocals. But also "Fortune Favors the Bold" is worth to be listen to. This tune is kept a bit more silent and I felt reminded of German Undertow when I heard the tune the first time; something that comes back even stronger in the closer "No Fucks Given". In case you want it a bit more smoothly you can check-out " My Haven, Your Hell", a song with powerful rhythm section and quite some melody, paired with a dark vibe.

Something pretty smart was the idea of including three interludes on "Helhorse". They are well-placed breaks on the tracklist, which can be even seen as opener of a next chapter. They might not be rocket-science, but the interludes help keeping the tension high.

"Helhorse" became a well-done new album, number three in the bands history, that includes heavy headbangers for fans of Crowbar and Orange Goblin.





  1. Carry Your Own
  2. among the Wolves
  3. Fortune Favors the Bold
  4. I
  5. The Blood Boiler
  6. Hellauf a Ride
  7. II
  8. Raise the Black Flag
  9. III
  10. My Haven / Your Hell
  11. No Fucks Given


Label: Spinefarm Records

Genre: Sludge/Stoner

Release Date EU: May 13th, 2016

CD review HELHORSE "Helhorse"
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