(9/10) A visit of the "Desire's Magic Theatre" is a inspiring journey through a kaleidoscope of sounds. Rosalie Cunningham, the main person behind Purson, founded the band back in 2011, followed by a debut album called "The Cicle and the Blue Door" in 2013. "Desire's Magic Theatre" is the next leg on Purson's psychedelic rock trip, a tour through thrilling arc of melodies and sphereful sounds.

Ten new songs enriches this album, covering a wide range of sounds, all anchored in 70's rock music. This bigger variety of sounds gave the band so far the great opportunity for getting various support slots. Since they aren't fixed to one genre only, Purson played the Kiss Cruise as well as the shared the stage with Electric Wizard, Ghost and Pentagram.

As mentioned, the main inspiration comes from 70's classic rock, which Cunningham and her band cleverly combines with 60's sounds that find its roots with bands like The Beatles. But also folk, prog and even jazz is reflected in the various tracks on "Desire's Magic Theatre".

The first single that was published from this longplayer was "Electric Landlady". No, it's not a typo. The song is called "Electric Landlady" which is of course no Hendrix-cover, but music-wise a lot of things remind of the iconic guitarist.

This is just one out of ten songs, each of them coming with the 'danger' of putting a spell on you.

Such a diverse piece of music needs a proper sound too, something that was handled in London's Gizzard Studios. The result is a warm and organic sound that supports the vibe of Purson's music very well.

"Desire's Magic Theatre" is an album that offers quite a lot. It is a musical rock variete show that is build on big soundscapes, complex arrangements and great melodies. This album is more than music pressed on a disc. This record is art.





  1. Desire's Magic Theatre
  2. Electric Landlady
  3. Dead Dodo Down
  4. Pedrigree Chums
  5. The Skye Parade
  6. The Window Cleaner
  7. The Way it is
  8. Mr. Howard
  9. I Know
  10. The Bitter Suite


Label: Spinefarm

Genre: Psychedelic Rock

Release Date EU: April 29th, 2016

CD review PURSON "Desire's Magic Theatre"
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