(7/10) Raw In Sect is a still fairly new band from Athens, Greece. Even though their history goes back to 2011, the band hasn't released more than a demo and the debut album. Their first record was followed by quite some live shows with various acts. 'Various' really means 'various' since also stylewise there was quite some diversification - from Overkill to Immolation. And interesting enough these bands sound all different from what Raw In Sect serves you.

The music on "Blue Haze" is hard to describe. Sometimes the guys take it more relaxed, like on "Abeer Quassim Hamza", sometimes the partly remind of bands like Down ("On the Run") while "Black Stoner" is what it is, a stoner rock number and "All Instincts Trip" has some parts reminding of Helmet.

Compared to the second half of the longplayer the first songs are the harder ones. Looking into the second part, the title track and also "High on Waves" are not silent once either but they are stressing a bit more the psychedelic side of Raw In Sect. And if this wouldn't be enough there is with "Drowning in the Norm" even an Alice In Chains inspired number on the album.

All in all I think that "Blue Haze" is a solid album with a wide range of sounds. It feels like the guys are still searching a bit for the bands identity, but besides this, OK stuff to listen to.





  1. On the Run
  2. All Instincts Trip
  3. Cutting My Skin
  4. Black Stoner (Part I & II)
  5. Abeer Qassim Hamza (A Glowing Shade)
  6. Blue Haze
  7. Migraines
  8. Drowning in the Norm
  9. High on Waves
  10. 10th Circle
  11. Υттατία


Genre: Psychedelic Metal

Label: Aural Music Group

Release Date EU: April 29th, 2016

CD review RAW IN SECT "Blue Haze"
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