(9/10) Ray Wilson stepped into the spotlight when a band called Stiltskin got famous with „Inside“, a song that was used for a pretty cool jeans commercial. This tune was a great rock track that fitted perfectly into the nineties. But Stiltskin stayed a kind of one-hit-wonder.
The only one that us still successfully in business is Ray Wilson. It goes without saying that his time as singer for Genesis added a lot to his popularity, but since quite some years the singer from Dumfries, Scotland is running his solo project. In the meantime Wilson has a pretty solid crowd of fans and I think that this group gets bigger with each release.
Wilson named the record "Song for a Friend", an emotional title which is very well chosen. The album is dedicated to his friend James Lewis, who passed away in 2015, resulting in an emotional title track that is truly moving. Knowing that it was former Stiltskin guitarist Uwe Metzler who sketched a few song ideas it feels like things have come full circle.
Not only with this background „Song for a friend“ is very emotional record with songs that transport a story that feels at least partly, autobiographic. At least each of them is a short story told as a song. I even think it’s more than just songs. It’s small poems getting even stronger by the emotional power of music. This album shows that Wilson is a real artist in a wider sense.
There is one exception though when it comes to the personal expression of this album. „High Hopes“, the last number on the album, is a Pink Floyd cover. It also has a connection the Wilson’s life since the song expresses what Wilson wanted to say about the situation of three of his band leaving last year. So there is a personal link, told with the words of someone else.
The music on "Songs for a Friend“ is well-crafted acoustic songs that partly reminds of Simon & Garfunkel (listen to the title track). This album isn't meant for parties and loud rock festivals. Wilson publishes soulful singer/songwriter music that needs to be listened to with estphones, or even better, live during one of the upcoming shows.
"Song for a Friend" became a soulful and open album that is touch with it's emotional depth.
A great album done by a likable singer.





  1. Old Book
  2. Over my Dead Body
  3. Cold Light of Day
  4. Song for a Friend
  5. How Long
  6. Not Till Springtime
  7. Backseat Driving
  8. Parallel Souls
  9. Tired and Failed
  10. High Hopes


Label: Jaggy D
Genre: Acoustic Rock
Release Date EU: June 3rd, 2016

CD review RAY WILSON "Songs for a Friend"
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