(3/10) "Love or a Lie" is the debut of Swiss-based Steelmade. Switzerland is known for chocolade and watches, but also hardrock bands like Gotthard and Shakra are well selling export articles of the alpine country. The question if Steelmade can add to this strong tradition is easily answered with a clear 'No'.

Steelmade, the name sounds promising, can't live up to the expectations the name raises. It's not that much about steel, since the songs aren't hard, aren't heavy and aren't strong. The eleven tracks sound more like easy to bend aluminium. 

Therefore it's not a big surprise that "Without", with some softer parts, belongs to the better songs. But in general the album comes with no highlight, sounds uninspired is bloodless and doesn't knock your socks off. Tunes like "Desire and Love" are actually build on a not too bad guitar riff, but here it's the vocals that are killing the vibe, like in some other songs too. And last but not least songs like "Sweet Lady" and the title track are dead losses.

After having heard the album my ears are screaming for a dose of rockin' Gotthard songs to wash out what they've heard.

Sorry Steelmade, this album is a  full disappointment.





  1. Even Gods Have Enemies
  2. Stay
  3. Revolution
  4. Without
  5. Desire and Love
  6. Silent Cries
  7. We are Bizarre
  8. Sweet Lady
  9. Love and a Lie
  10. Killing me
  11. Edda


Label: Timezone Records

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: May 20st, 2016


CD review STEELMADE "Love or a Lie"
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