(7/10) OK, time for 'Danger Danger part 2'. Following The Defiants, with Paul Laine, Bruno Ravel and Rob Marcello, it's now singer Ted Poley who comes with a solo release. Both bands published their new albums within a month and both records come via Frontiers. OK, good planning.

The main difference between the two discs is the sound. Of course, melodies and hooks are the common denominator and the key characteristics. But while The Defiants play a surprisingly hard version of melodic rock, it's Poley that pays more attention to catchy melodies and mainstream soundscapes.

Sometimes Poley shows his inspiration a bit too obvious. "Hands of Love" is actually a good song, but the chorus is more than just inspired by Bon Jovi. I guess Poley listened to "You Give Love a Bad Name" a bit too often.

In general I have to say that the tracks on "Beyond the Fade" live-up to everything you expect from a melodic rock album. Big melodies, lyrics about love and dreams, all embedded in a dominant keyboard sound construct that is hardened by some guitars. In this way the album is very predictable, which is either good or bad. For me there could have been a few more moments of surprise included.

Alessandro Del Vecchio, as being the producer, gave "Beyond the Fade" a good sound that could have deserved a few more edges. Sometimes it feels like to songs come across a bit too polished. But I guess this kind of music needs such a sound.

I personally like The Defiants' release a bit more since the guys are rougher and more rocking. Anyhow, fans of melodic rock can doubtless go for "Beyond the Fade".





  1. Let's Start Something
  2. Everything We Are
  3. Hands of Love
  4. The Perfect Crime
  5. Stars
  6. Higher
  7. Where I Lost You
  8. You Won't See me Crying
  9. We Are Young
  10. Sirens
  11. Beneath the Stars


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: AOR

Release Date EU: May 15th, 2016

CD review TED POLEY "Beyond the Fade"
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