(7/10) Tides From Nebula has their fourth album ready to be released. "Safehaven" is its name and it marks a new milestone moment in the band history. Three years after having revealed "Eternal Moments" the four-piece from Warsaw is back with eight new songs.

Even though the title is "Safehaven" the band didn't play it safe. The did the album autonomously without any cooperation with external producers.

The result is a well-crafted album with an excellent sound. Post-rock, that's build on big melodies and an harmonic interplay of guitars and keyboard sounds, that's what the quartet does and that's what you get on "Safehaven".

Instrumentals are facing easily the risk that they are either rather complex or pretty boring. In this case it's neither nor. The band's new album contains songs that can, by closed eyes, create beautiful pictures in your mind. Songs like the awesome "All the steps I've Made" let fragility, wistfulness and optimism interact in a way that is thrilling and entertaining.

Another cool song follows the mentioned "All the Steps I've Made". "Lifter" is a typical post-rock number that, in the some of the middle section reminded me of a rocking version of Alan Parsons. Maybe it's only me and maybe this  comparison is a bit too far-fetched, however it came to my mind while listening to the tune.

"Safehaven" is an album that works perfect in moments of relaxation and reverie. Actually it's the perfect soundtrack for these moments.





  1. Safehaven
  2. Knees to the Earth
  3. All the Steps I've Made
  4. Lifter
  5. Traversing
  6. Color of Glow
  7. We Are the Mirror
  8. Home


Label: Long Branch Records

Genre: Post Rock

Release Date EU: May 6th, 2016

CD review TIDES FROM NEBULA "Safehaven"
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