Devils' Gun is one of these young and wild bands from Swededn that seem to pop up like mushrooms in autumn. They guys are heavily inspired by 80's metal and their sound is an hommage to bands like Accept, Motörhead and AC/DC.

MHMB was in contact with the guys from Småland for bringing some more light into darkness about who they are and what they can tell us about their band. Here you go:


Markus Heavy Music Blog: Devil's Gun is a fairly new band. What brought you guys together? Are you all from the same area?

More or less. We’ve got less than 20 kilometers to eachother. We all went to the same school. But the thing that brought us together was the interest for great music and booze of course!

MHMB: You guys have your debut album up and running. Tell us a bit more about the record.

"Dirty ‘N’ Damned" is an album filled with eleven hot tracks that will scare your liver to death! The album was recorded at Bandstationen, Ryd, with the help of Tony “Täde” Carlsson. We stayed there for a week and well, "Dirty ‘N' Damned" was born. Soon after the mixing and master was completed, we released our first single “Hot Rock City” on December 17th. 24 hours later we got a mail from Johan “Blarre” Hargeby at Sound Pollution who showed big interest in us. So, just before Christmas we signed a record deal with Black Lodge and Sound Pollution, the best Christmas gift ever!

MHMB: "Dirty'n'Damned", that's the title of the album. Is there a meaning behind the name or was it chosen just due to the fact that it sounds cool?

"Dirty ‘N’ Damned" was one out of two possible titles for our album. After some seriously thinking we realised what we are: we are a bunch of dirty and damned guys just trying to deliver some good music to people. And for the record, yes "Dirty ‘N' Damned" sounds quite cool haha!

MHMB: Devil's Gun's sound is very much inspired by Accept and AC/DC, I guess some of your idols. Who else made in impact on Devil's Gun's music?

Oh, the simple answer would be to say that most of the 80’s Heavy Metal had an impact on us. Krokus, Cinderella, Rose Tattoo, Dio, Twisted Sister ... just to name some. But the bands who are the reason for our sound is mostly Accept and Motörhead. And yes, I guess you can add AC/DC to the list aswell. We all love them and they have done so much to this genre.

MHMB: Växjö is not Stockholm or Gothenburg. How hard or easy is it to run a band in the middle of Smaland?

I don’t think that it matters in the end. If you play great music people will notice. It might just take some extra time to get people to recognise you. With the  internet and all that is attended by it you will reach out to labels and so on. The sad part is the live scene since we lack of good places to play at. But if you really want to make it and you rwally go for it than this can’t stop you. You just got to get your ass in the van and roll out!

MHMB: Next to you it's also Bullet coming from there. Are there more metal bands in Växjö and is there a small, but vital scene?

Seen to the size of this town we really got some great bands around. First to mention our brothers in arms Dynamite and of course our friends in The Scams! There are a lot of other bands aswell so check it out!

MHMB: How about touring activities in the near future. Will you guys play some shows outside Sweden?

Our first gig outside of Sweden will be in Copenhagen at Nordic Noice Festival (May 13th and 14th). And we just got booked for the Ice Rock Festival, Switzerland in January of 2017. Hopefully we will be able to get on the European roads soon and spread our beer-drinking Rock n Roll!

MHMB: What more should we know about Devil's Gun?

You should catch us on the road! We deliver a adrenaline pumping, energy filled love-show that no one should miss out on! We promise it will be a great party!

Photo: Sofie Tuväng

Photo: Sofie Tuväng

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