This is the second time I've seen Magnum within a few days period. After having had the pleasure of joining their show in Zoetermeer last week it's now The Waterfront venue in Norwich UK that hosts the five-piece tonight.

Actually it's the first time that I have been at the Waterfront, a venue with, what I heard, two rooms. The venue is located pretty much central Norwich and it's an old brick building that is also from a scenery point of view a great place to be.

Compared to Holland, this time Magnum was supported by an opening act. It was Vega, some guys from York that had the task of warming up the crowd for Bob Catley and friends. Vega released their fourth album a week ago via Frontiers Music and it was a great opportunity to bring their name on the agenda of hard rockers, at least in the UK. Mick Workman & Co. did a good job and their 45 minute set, with some of the newly released songs, was well perceived by the audience. Even though Vega's sound is less bombastic as Magnum's, they fit very well to this hardrock package. Melodic rock songs like "Stereo Messiah" and "Saving Grace" has been fired into the crowd and with each song played the mood got better and better.

With such a good vibe in the audience it was an easy thing for Magnum to go for a win. The setlist didn't change compared to Holland. Bob Catley was again an agile frontman with a great voice and endless energy, while Tony Clarkin, slightly introvert, celebrated each riff.

Again, the classics like "On a Storytellers Night” are there real pearls of a Magnum show and so it was tonight. The fact that the song was already the second one on the setlist show how many great song Magnum has in petto. And it’s the new tunes too each of them a bombastic rocker that can easily compete with the old highlights.

What was slightly different to the NL show was the venue itself. It was pretty much packed on this Whit Monday night. Maybe it was this fact, maybe it was the support band or it was because Magnum playing in their home country, but the energy level and enthusiasm of the crowd was much higher than in Zoetermeer. Fans supported Catley in the chorus of "Your Dreams Won't Die" with big choir while the song-a-long part in "Dance of the Black Tattoo" was enthusiastically sung as well, not to forget the jumping-around-part during "How Far Jerusalem".

All in all it was great to see Magnum in the UK. These guys rock and hopefully they will be around for many more years.

Photos: Markus Wiedenmann
Photos: Markus Wiedenmann

Photos: Markus Wiedenmann

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