(8/10) 16-LA-6-3-8. If you think that this is a special coding, no. It is 16 from L.A.-that released so far six records, had a three years hiatus, releasing a new album this year that earns 8 points on Markus' Heavy Music Blog.

"Lifespan of a Moth" is the title of their newest studio record that contains eight brand new songs. It seems like the two founders still being active in -16- and the 'new' rhythm section (Banry Firks (b) and Dion Thurman (d) started in 2013) re-energized the band, something that leads to a creativity that ends up in longplayers like this one.

The album begins with some samples of waves peacefully rolling towards the beach, with some kids enjoying beach life. This mood changes rather quickly when the first guitars join "Landloper" which is the opener of this disc. The tune is a sludge monster with Jerue scratchy vocals on top of a mighty groove and the slo-mo riffing.

"The Lifespan of a Moth"is a longplayer that steamrolls the listener by it's intensity. Walls of superb guitars create a heaviness that makes tracks like the brutal "The Morphinist" and hypnotic closer "George" to special once.

A tune that differs from most of the other tracks is "Pastor in a Coma". It still fits perfectly into the context of "The Lifespan of a Moth" stuff, but it has some interesting details like e.g. the partly acoustical sounds in the beginning. 

The shortest track is called "The Absolute Center of a Pitch Black Heart". The most interesting thing with this song is, that it has a bit of a punky vibe and some Prong-like vocal-lines and riffs. I like this number and it fits 16 very well to increase speed a bit here and there.

This longplayer is the seventh one of the California-based band and it's the third one that's done in a cooperation with Relapse Records, a collaboration that seems to be fruitful.





  1. Landloper
  2. Peaches, Cream and The Placenta
  3. The Morphinist
  4. The Absolute Center of a Pitch Heart
  5. Gallows Humor
  6. Secrets of the Curmudgeon
  7. Pastor in a Coma
  8. George


Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Sludge

Release Date EU: July 15th, 2016

CD review 16 "The Lifespan of a Moth"
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