(8/10) Crystal Palace started back in 1994 which means they are more than twenty years in business and their debut "On the Edge of the World" dates back to 1995. However, the guys never had a real break-through and even the hymn for Berlin's icehockey team couldn't bring the attention wished.

But since two years Crystal Palace gets more into the spotlight. The main reason for this was the very well done "The System of Events" longplayer that showed the band performing progressive metal that came with some heavier guitars and a certain gloomy vibe. I was impressed by the intensity of this longplayer and the new record has to prove that this was more than just a 'one and only' exception.

"Dawn of Eternity" is the title of the new Crystal Palace disc that is shipped to the record shops as we speak. This release is as stunning as the predecessor even though heaviness is replaced by some more melodic arrangements.

The beginning though is still gloomy and dark. "Dawn" is a kind of intro to the album, a number that creates an oppressive vibe, followed by the mighty "Confess the Crime". Everybody that loves the earlier Dream Theater should listen to this track, that reflects the punch from the predecessor. It's build on a constant interplay of loud and silent which makes it to one of the best tunes on this album.

Having said this, there is no real weak moment on "Dawn of Eternity", an album that I would describe as 'complexity meets melody'. Crystal Palace combines these two attributes, something that leads to technically demanding music which includes big soundscapes. 

It's hard to pick out certain songs, since actually I could take all of them. "Any Colour you Need" with its piano-based beginning, the prog rocker "Fields of Consciousness" and the more silent "Sky without Stars" are terrific prog rock songs that can stand a comparision with genre icons such as Steven Wilson and Porcupine Trees.

It seems like Crystal Palace, after more than two decdes, gets the attention the band and their music deserves. A great album that shows that prog has a home in Germany.





  1. Dawn
  2. Confess Your Crime
  3. Eternal Step
  4. Any Colour you Need
  5. Daylight After the Rain
  6. Fields of Consciousness
  7. Hearts on Sale
  8. Eternity
  9. All of This
  10. Sky Without Stars
  11. That Doesn't End


Label: Gentle Art Of Music

Genre: Prog Metal

Release Date EU: June 10th, 2016

CD review CRYSTAL PALACE "Dawn of Eternity"
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