(4/10) It's amazing how fast time goes by. It was 21 years ago when Erlangen-based J.B.O. released their debut "Explizite Lyrik". Since then the guys from Bavaria continued with their fun metal that finds a home in each Bierzelt that wants to present something else than annoying Blasmusik and Schlager.

The only downer is the fact that what was fun and exotic in the bands early days lost it's fascination over time. J.B.O. missed the moment of development which means that each album reflects the same thing only different. 

Also this time the band used the cookie-cutter approach and wrote songs that are somewhere between rock and metal with lyrics that should be fun, but give a hard time. The music is pale and the lyrics are more painful than funny. Maybe this album leads to some smiling faces after a few beers, but that's it.

J.B.O. had their time, but life went on, Zeitheist changed while the band stood still. If you haven't heard "11" you haven't missed anything. There is more well-crafted metal releases around these days which are worth the investment.





  1. Einzähler
  2. Wir Lassen Uns Das Blödeln Nicht Verbieten
  3. Panzer Dance
  4. Metaller
  5. Ich Hätt Gern Mehr
  6. Autowerkstatt
  7. Wacken Ist Nur Einmal Im Jahr
  8. Verliebt
  9. Jetzt Ist Halt Heut
  10. Marilyn Manson
  11. Fünf Minuten
  12. Har Har Har
  13. Nürnberg Groove
  14. Rapper
  15. Söderla!
  16. Alkoholprobe
  17. M.F.N. For J.B.O.


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Fun Metal

Release Date EU: July 8th, 2016

CD review J.B.O. "11"
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