(6/10) Modern Metal might reached its peak already a couple of years ago. However, there is still a bigger amount of new records that see the light of day every month. June this year is the period of an And Then She Came release.

The first thing that stands out is the ambiguous title of the album. Secondly it's the artwork, kept in white, which is unusual for a metal release. But in the end it's the music that counts.

Ji-In Cho (v), Olli Singer (g), Frank Stumvoll (b) and S.C. Kuschnerus (d), these are the guys standing behind And Then She Came. In case you have the feeling of having heard these names before, you're right. This band is actually build on Krypteria who released four albums that had chart entires in countries like Germany and Austria.

Compared to Krypteria the new band of this four-piece band sounds more modern and includes more electronic elements. In the end we are talking about modern rock, that includes some heavier riffs which make songs like "Spit it Out" to quite good ones.

Some of of the tunes, like the mentioned "Spit it Out" or the opener Five Billion Lies" are hard rocking numbers, the latter empowered by Arch Enemy singer Alyssa White-Gluz. And it's the opener that shows the deficit of "And Then She Came". It's the vocals. Yes, Ji-In Cho has a good voice and she also can sing, but the vocals are too nice for this kind of music. What worked for the more symphonic approach doesn't work for me in this more modern outfit. Alyssa's screams and shouts combined with the mighty modern guitar riffs give the opener a punch that doesn't come back on the album anymore with Ji-In. For me, this kind of music demands rough and raw vocals that builds a competitative counterpart to the mighty riffs.

Let's take "Public Enemy #1" as an example. Basically there isn't that much wrong with the tune. Besides the fact that it's a perfect opportunity to learn counting to 10 in various languages the number mixes a good melody with electronic elements and a steady beat that pushes the tune. In the end there is quite some hit potential in this tune, if the vocals would explode much more.

To conclude; the album of the Krypteria successor And Then She Came is a solid modern rock release that doesn't turn the world upside down. It's nice to listen to, but also leaves you the feeling that it's partly a missed opportunity.





  1. Five Billion Lies (feat. Alyssa White-Gluz)
  2. Public Enemy #1
  3. Why so Serious
  4. Spit it Out (feat. Jen Majura)
  5. Who'a GonnaSave You
  6. Like a Hurricane
  7. Hellfire Halo
  8. I Carry On
  9. Where do We Go From Here
  10. Find Another Way


Label: DME Music

Genre: Modern Metal

Release Date EU: June 24th, 2016

CD review AND THEN SHE CAME "And Then She Came"
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