(8/10) Death metal offers many different shades. From Florida to Scandinavia and back many bands found their dedication for death metal, creating many different variations of what began in the second half of the 80's.

A region that isn't that much famous for death metal is actually Australia. It might be due to the sun, beach, heat and the more positive vibe that kept bands away from dark and evil sounds. AC/DC and Airbourne are icons for straight-on rock'n'roll and Mammoth Mammoth are like the mean little brother of those two with a kick-ass approach.

A band that has the potential of becoming a landmark in Australian death metal is Be'Lakor. The guys from Melbourne, Victoria founded the band in 2004 and released already three albums. The newest one, "Vessels", was released end of June and it could become the break-through one for the five-piece band.

What makes Be'Lakor standing out from others is the richness and diversity in their sound. Death metal can be brutal and to the point. It also can be melodic with even some clean vocals embedded. The guys from Down Under include all this in their sound too (except the clean vocals). Deep blood-curdling growls meet monstrous riffs, that's one part of Be'Lakor's sound. Than there are almost fragile sound elements and silents moments on this longplayer that gives the album a certain emotional depth. Even keyboard and piano are part of the band's sound which makes numbers such as the ten minutes long masterpiece "Withering Strands" to epical highlights.

Instead of focusing purely on the music in itself, Be'Lakor is using the sounds to create an atmosphere with their tunes, something that could be easily transferred into a concept album like Amon Amarth did a few months ago.

I'm impressed by "Vessels", a longplayer that finds the right mix between harshness, complexity, atmosphere and depth. Check it out.





  1. Luma
  2. An Ember's Arc
  3. Withering Strands
  4. Roots to Sever
  5. Whelm
  6. A Thread Dissolves
  7. Grasping Light
  8. The Smoke of Many Fires


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Release Date EU: June 26th, 2016

CD review BE'LAKOR "Vessels"
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