(8/10) German melodic deathers Deadlock left a dark period behind. A real stoke of fate hit the guys back in 2014 when founding member and drummer Tobias Graf lost his fight against cancer. And if this wouldn't have been enough it was singer Sabine Scherer who left Deadlock a few months later.

Such a situation is a moment of standing still, thinking about next steps. Should this be the end of the band or is it, with all the anger, frustration and sadness a new beginning of a new era. Deadlock decided to go for the latter.

With Margie Gerlitz a new singer was found. As Scherer did it's now Berlitz that takes over the clean vocals and she does a good job. She has a gentle and soft voice that also includes enough power to compete with John Gahwert's deep growls. Both voices fit together very well and I guess it's the fact of Gerlitz being already a temporary replacer for Scherer during her maternity leave that was beneficial for "Hybris". And since Werner Riedl took over the empty stool behind the drum kit there was no reason to not work on new material.

"Hybris" is the title of Deadlock's newest release; a longplayer that comes with ten new songs. It seems that the last two years left its traces since "Hybris" became harder again. It's a step back towards the band's roots by still keeping a higher melodically component included in each of the tracks.

The album starts with a mighty metal riff and a deep growl - a clear statement that this album isn't the soundtrack for a birthday party. This record is raw power, enriched with some melodical moments of beauty.

Another song I would like to mention is "Beserk" which starts with some slightly distorted vocals before it turns into a raging death metal track that contains some furious guitar solos. It seems the band forgot to build in a brake which is very benefitial.

"Blood Ghost" takes it over and belongs to the more moderate tracks on "Hybris" even though it's not a quiet songs, not at all. The title track is a more grooving number that puts the melodic elements more into forefront.

The most exciting tune got a German title. "Ein Deutsches Requiem" is the darkest number on this album. It is partly a true pissed-off death metal track while other parts of this number, like the beginning, are kept silent and wistful. It feels like this song helped to get over the losses in the past two years. Interesting enough is "Vergebung" which follows "Ein Deutsches Requiem". It's an acoustic instrumental that spreads a peaceful atmosphere and comes across as the calm after the storm.

That Deadlock wasn't willing to end the album in such a way shows the closer "Welcome Deathrow", which is another typical pure metal song from Southern Germany-based band.

"Hybris" is a well-crafted metal record. It marks the start of a new ear that builds on Deadlock's roots. Good stuff.





  1. Epitaph
  2. Carbonman
  3. Berserk
  4. Blood Ghost
  5. Hybris
  6. Wrath - Salavtion
  7. Backstory Wound
  8. Ein Deutsches Requiem
  9. Vergebung
  10. Welcome Deathrow


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Release Date EU: July 8th, 2016

CD review DEADLOCK "Hybris"
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