(7/10) Dream The Electric Sleep is a trio formed in Lexington, KY. Matt Page, Joey Waters and Chris Tackett are the names/musicians behind this band that describes their sound as a mix of 70's AOR and 80's Darkwave, influenced by a wider range of bands, from Neurosis up to Tears For Fears.

"Beneath the Dark Wide Sky" is the third longplayer from these three guys and it comes with 11 songs that are are pure rock. Their might be a slight progressive touch added to the tunes and sometimes things get a bit harder, but I never found some sounds that are e.g. rooted in some inspiration by the mentioned Neurosis.

The 'electric sleep' is a rather relaxing one where you can recover from what ever kept you busy during the day. The opener "Drift" is a good example. It belongs to the more silent numbers on the record. It expresses a certain monotony that actually can become a bit annoying. I don't know why the guys put this track into pole position since there are better once on "Beneath the Dark Wide Sky".

One of these moments that are more exciting is called "Flight". It's basically an acoustic song too that has a well-crafted melody and is easy approachable.

"Hanging by Time" is kept a bit darker and comes with an energetic chorus, something I would have wished with some more songs on this longplayer since often things are very much the same only different. Compared to this gloomier song "The Good Night Sky" explains why the trio mentioned AOR as one of the inspirational roots. The track is not too bad and reminded me of Boston.

All in all Dream The Electric Sleep worked on an album that isn't a real jaw-dropping experience, but it's also too good to get dusty in the shelves of your record dealer. It will find some friends and therefor check it out. You might be one of them.





  1. Drift
  2. Let The Light Flood In
  3. Flight
  4. We Who Blackout The Sun
  5. Hanging By Time
  6. Culling The Herd
  7. The Last Psalm To Silence
  8. The Good Night Sky
  9. Headlight
  10. Black Wind
  11. All Good Things


Label: Mutiny Records

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: July 22nd, 2016

CD review DREAM THE ELECTRIC SLEEP "Beneath the Dark Wide Sky"
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