(7/10) Mos Generator is basically Tony Reed and Sean Booth even though we are talking about a trio. The guys can look back on a long discography to which they add a new longplayer called "Abyssinia".

Mos Generator haven't had a big break-through yet and I also think that the most recent release will not change this fact. But this also doesn't mean that you should stop reading at this stage. The music that Mos Generator generates on their newest album sounds good and you should check it out.

The guys started almost 16 years ago - new century, new band - with already a full bag pack of on-the-road and studio experience.

Mos Generator describes their music as heavy rock which, I think, nails it down very well. According the band Black Sabbath belongs to the biggest influences, something you hear with each of the tracks. I guess it was more than a onetime thing that the guys listened to records like "Sabotage". So, in the end "Abyssania" contains well-crafted doom metal that includes some songs played more in slo-mo ("Easy Evil") and others that are more vigorous ("Strangest Times").

I can recommend this album to each of you that loves 70's doom rock/metal. This longplayer is bringing back almost forgotten times, a moment that makes you walking down the memory lane.





  1. Strangest Time
  2. You've Got a Right
  3. Catspaw
  4. Easy Evil
  5. Wicked Willow
  6. As Above so Below
  7. Red Canyons
  8. There's No Return from Nowhere
  9. Time & Other Thieves
  10. Outlander


Label: Listenable Records

Genre: Heavy Rock

Release Date EU: July 15th, 2016



CD review MOS GENRATOR  Abyssinia"
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