(8/10) Nonpoint's album starts with a strong punch. Not only that the opener is a very rhythm based number, it's also a well composed alternative metal track. Catchiness meets heaviness meets intelligent lyrics, that's how I could summarize this beginning. Nonpoint have to say something and they use their songs as a transmitter. "Generation Idiot" is about an entire generation staring at their smartphones a dn screens instead of interact in real life.

One of the main strengths of this record is the combination of loud, hard and catchy. Nonpoint don't drift away into annoying cheesiness. They add a stronger melodic element to each of the tracks, but since these are combined with modern heavy riffs and a strong groove things stay enthralling.

At the end Nonpoint are also presenting the epical side to the listener. "My Last Dying Breath" is a gloomy number that has a lot of melancholy included. It's in one way a sad song especially in the bridge that is dark as dark can be.

What's also convincing the listener for have taken the right decision for bying this record is the clear and dynamic sound. It fits perfect to Nonpoint's music and enriches the listening experience of "The Poison Red".

What stands out for sure is the artwork. Kept in an alarming red with the frog in the middle screams for attention in each record shop.

"The Poison Red" is maybe less vicious than the title wants to indicate, but it's a dynamic alternative metal album that is entertaining and worth to be checked out.





  1. Generation Idiot
  2. Foaming At the Mouth
  3. Bottled Up Killer Bees
  4. Rabbit Hole
  5. Chasing White Rabbits
  6. Standing In the Flesh
  7. Divided.. Conquer Them
  8. Radio Chorus
  9. Spanish Radio Hour
  10. El Diablo
  11. No Running Allowed
  12. Promises
  13. Be Enough
  14. My Last Dying Breath


Label: Spinefarm Records

Genre: Alternative Metal

Release Date EU: July 8th, 2016

CD review NONPOINT "The Poison Red"
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