(8/10) It was pretty much a year ago when I got an album of a band I never heard before: Schmutzki. Their name sounded German and the title of this debut was "BAM". No idea what to expect and to my big surprise this album blew me away after I heard it.

Schmutzki are from Germany, from Stuttgart to be precise, and their music is a mixture of 80' Neue Deutsche Welle, German 80's fun punk a la Abstuertzende Brieftauben and some indie rock. What makes Schmutzki rather unique is the way how the mix these influences to a totality that sounds pretty good.

Next to that, the guys benefit from the spirit and power of the youth. Easygoing and self-confident describes the best how the music of these guys comes across. Their songs on the debut, but also on the sophomore record "Spackos Forever" feels like total creative freedom, music the guys want to do more than 'they have to do'.

All this gives this second longplayer a crisp expression which feels like a refreshing breeze going through Germany's music scene.

"Spackos Forever" is again covering a wider range of songs that starts with the 29 seconds long "Tyrannosaurus Ex", reminding of some 80's hardcore crossover acts, to "Ohne Worte" that offers some parallels with German Beatsteaks.

Schmutzki's lyrics are more fun than accusing. "Sauflied" and "Zeltplatz Baby" are good examples herefore.

The best track on "Spackos Forever" is called "Baustelle". The chorus of this tune is just amazing and sticks from the first moment on. The highly rhythmic verse adds a well-done counterpart to the chorus and all in all it's a bit more than one minute of pure fun.

Schmutzki's new album is a logical next step after their well received debut. The three Swabians continue their journey through rock'n'roll, using their trademarks and developing these further. 100% Schmutzki, 100% fun. Check it out.





  1. Hey Haters
  2. Spackos Forever
  3. Baustelle
  4. Jesus Schmutzki
  5. Was immer auch kommt
  6. Tyrannosaurus Ex
  7. Zeltplatz Baby
  8. Ohne Witz
  9. Lauter Traeumen
  10. Sauflied
  11. Dein Song
  12. Blau
  13. Nie mehr Drama
  14. So durch


Label: Four Music/Sony

Genre: Punk Rock

Release Date EU: August 5th, 2016


CD review SCHMUTZKI "Spackos Forever"
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