(9/10) It was in March last year when the metal community again got confronted with some sad news - the death of Twisted Sister drum legend A.J. Pero. He passed away on March 20st while being on tour with Adrenaline Mob. R.I.P.

Pero was one of the main pillars of Twisted Sister, joining the band in the beginning of the eighties and being part of the successful reunion that happened at the end of the last century.

In order to honor Pero and all his contribution and dedication for Twisted Sister the guys performed a show in the Hard Rock Casino in Los Angeles on May 30st last year that became a tribute to the passionat drummer. According to guitarist Jay Jay French it was a tough decision to play this show and also the other planned gig during summer without Pero. But the fact that ex-Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy agreed on doing these shows was one of the facts that made Twisted Sister decide on doing these concerts and esp. the one that was recorded in Las Vegas.

The setlist of this gig was 90 minutes retrospective on Twisted Sister classics, that included highlights as "Stay Hungry" and "We're Not Gonna Take it". The band boiled down 40 amazing years of Twisted Sister to a setlist that is a treat for each and every fan of rock music.

What was included in the show was a drum solo which was projected on the back drop; an emotional moment for everybody that joined this show and I can imagine that the DVD/Blu Ray version (I only had the CD for review) gives you the shivers too.

The sound of this recording is excellent. Still being authentic each of the songs come with the right punch and a clear but powerful sound.

As an extra to the show there is another disc included in this package. "Rockshow" is a documentary that looks back on four decades of Twisted Sister, a band that was and is one of the most influential ones in rock history. From the early days in small bar to the glorious eighties the disc provides a view behind the scene, enriched by some rare interviews.

All in all "Metal Meltdown - feat. Twisted Sister at the Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas - A concert to Honor A.J. Pero" is an excellent way for the band to honor their long time drummer, a musician who's life was build around music and metal.

Next to this first release of "Metal Meltdown" there are some more releases in the pipeline, being part of this special series. Stay tuned for Extreme, Skid Row and Great White. All good choices too.





  1. What You Don' Know
  2. The Kids are Back
  3. Stay Hungry
  4. The Beast
  5. Shoot em Down
  6. You Can't Stop Rock'n'Roll
  7. I Believe in Rock'n'Roll
  8. Under the Blade
  9. I am (i'm me)
  10. We're Not Gonna Take it
  11. The Fire Still Burns
  12. The Price
  13. Burn in Hell
  14. A.J. Pero Tribute
  15. I Wanna Rock
  16. Come Out and Play
  17. S.M.F.


Label: Loud & Proud Records

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: August 5th, 2016

CD review TWISTED SISTER "Metal Meltdown - feat. Twisted Sister at the Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas - A concert to Honor A.J. Pero"
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