It was last summer when Faith No More released their latest longplayer "Sol Invictus" which was the first studio release after almost two decades. Faith No More celebrated a tremendous return and the album scored many top 10 positions all over the world. I guess there are not that many bands that can make something like this happen.

Now it's time to have a look back in time, something that's pretty smart since their might be new Faith No More fans that haven't been part of the outstanding success journey of Billy Gould, Mike Patton & Co.

It's the last two albums from the 90's, "King for a Day" and "Album of the Year" that will be re-released in a deluxe edition. Each of the records went through remastering and will include an additional disc with rare recordings from the same period in time. Next to the CD versions both records will be available as vinyl too, which is a premier. Release date is September 9th and both records come via Warner Music.


Here are the tracklist(s):


Disc One: Normal Album Tracklist

Disc Two – Bonus Tracks:

  1. Evidence [Version en Español] 3:58
  2. Absolute Zero 4:06
  3. Greenfields 3:43
  4. I Started A Joke 3:01
  5. Spanish Eyes 3:00
  6. I Won't Forget You 4:10
  7. Hippie Jam 4:57
  8. Instrumental 5:00
  9. I Wanna F**k Myself 2:55
  10. Evidence [Versão em Português] 3:56
  11. Digging The Grave [Live] 3:13


Disc One: Normal Album Tracklist

Disc Two – Bonus Tracks

  1. Pristine [Billy Gould Mix] 4:17
  2. Last Cup Of Sorrow [Roli Mosimann Mix] 6:25
  3. She Loves Me Not [Spinna Main Mix] 4:38
  4. Ashes To Ashes [Hard Knox Alt. Mix] 6:06
  5. Light Up And Let Go 2:19
  6. The Big Kahuna 3:06
  7. This Guy's In Love With You 4:20
  8. Collision [Live] 3:37
FAITH NO MORE re-releases "King for a Day" and "Album of the Year"
FAITH NO MORE re-releases "King for a Day" and "Album of the Year"
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