UK-based rockers RavenEye have been already on tour with acts like Slash, Deep Purple and The Answer which impressiveknowing that it's just one EP the guys released up till now. The received positive reactions attracted notice from Frontiers Music which led to an inked deal.

After such a start into their new career as a band it was time to release the first full-length album. "Nova" will be the name of this record that comes on September 29.

Furthermore the guys will be on tour with Zodiac in autumn this year and here are the dates:

06.09. Hamburg (Germany) – Molotow

17.09. Dresden (Germany) – Beatpol

18.09. Rostock (Germany) - Mau Club

19.09. Hannover (Germany) – Lux

20.09. Kassel (Germany) – Schlachthof

21.09. Jena (Germany) – Fhaus

22.09. Frankfurt (Germany) – Nachtleben

23.09. Köln (Germany) – Underground

24.09. Essen (Germany) – Turock

25.09. Nürnberg (Germany) – Hirsch

26.09. München (Germany) - Backstage Club

27.09. Salzburg (Austria) – Rockhouse

28.09. Wien (Austria) - B72

30.09. Stuttgart (Germany) - Keller Klub

01.10. Saarbrücken (Germany) – Garage

02.10. Nancy (France) - Chez Paulette

03.10. Paris (France) - La Fleche D'Or

04.10. Strasbourg (France) – Laiterie

05.10. Lille (France) - La Peniche

06.10. Leiden (The Netherlands) - Gebr. De Nobel

07.10. Eindhoven (The Netherlands) – Tuchthuis

08.10. Osnabrück (Germany) - Bastard Club


RavenEye are:
Vocals, Guitar - Oli Brown
Bass, Synth - Aaron Spiers
Drums - Kev Hickman

RAVENEYE debut in September this year
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