(7/10) What's the first thing you are thinking about hearing 'Portugal' and 'Dark metal'? Exactly, Moonspell. Therefor it's not a too big of a surprise that more young bands follow this successful path. A Constant Storm is such a band, founded 2013 by Daniel Laureano.

A few month later the name was decided on followed by the first EP "Storm Born". Two years later the full-length debut was released. Laureno seems to be fascinated by storms since also the album includes the word.

"Storm Alive" features seven songs of which the title track is definitely one of the highlights. Not only that the tune is a seven minutes long epos, it's also an example that includes all the trademarks of A Constant Storm. It's a bombastic tune. There are dark metal melodies that built a kind of frame work while the vocals of Ricardo Pereira shows the closeness to black metal.

"Wasteland" marks the end of this record and it's an instrumental that is very well done. It reminded my to some of the more silent sections of epical Maiden songs. However, it's a good counterpart to the rest of the album.

"Storm Alive" is a good album that includes some interesting attempts and maybe we will hear more from the guys. A strong wind that might become a storm.





  1. Labyrinth
  2. Nexus
  3. Crushing Skies
  4. Pale March
  5. Flow of Time
  6. Storm Alive
  7. Wasteland


Label: Self-Released

Genre: Dark Metal

Release Date EU: May 6th, 2016

CD review A CONSTANT STORM "Storm Alive"
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