(8/10) I almost had the idea that John Cyriis is back in metal again while I was listening to Armory. Some screams and high pitch vocals of P. Andersson reminded of Cyriis. Anyhow, Armoryare more than just a speed metal, even though they play quite fast. These guys are into traditional heavy metal too, a sound that is build on the NWoBHM. Iron Maiden and Judas Priest are bands that have gave Armory's sound some basic direction, but also German metal pioneers such as Running Wild inspired the Swedes. But it's obvious that the mentioned Agent Steel and also Helstar have been main sources of inspiration for Armory.

Armory is another example of a vital Swedish metal scene that brings new bands to the forefront just like this. There seems to be an endless spring of metal bands in moose country. Armory comes from Gothenburg and their first demo dates back to December 2012.

"World Peace ... Cosmic War" is the debut for High Roller Records, a longplayer that proves again the great sense of the label for new exciting metal bands. In that sense Armory follows label mates like Ambush and Air Raid.

"World Peace" is the intro that is fine but also not more than a beginning. The real opener is the fast "Cosmic War" that has some Maiden-like guitar parts included. It's the first full-speed-ahead track on this album and the first moment of high pitched screams of Andersson. The name of the next song says it all. It's pure speed metal, based on bands like Agent Steel and I guess that even the overall cosmic theme is a reference to Juan Garcia and band mates.

Armory keeps the speed, something that is actually a small point of critic. It would have been good to ad 1-2- more moderate songs on the album that would break the general pattern. Armory added these breaks in most of the songs, however, in general they follow the same pattern throughout the entire album. This isn't a real downer, more a potential for hopefully next releases.

Armory has an album in petto that is overflowing with vitality and energy. This five-piece adds another chapter to Sweden's metal story, not having unique trademarks but a lot of fun and dedication. Bang your head.





  1. World Peace (Intro)
  2. Cosmic War
  3. High Speed Death
  4. Hell's Fast Blades
  5. Spinning Towards Doom
  6. Without Days, Without Years
  7. Artificial Slavery
  8. Phantom Warrior
  9. Final Breath
  10. Space Marauders


Label: High Roller Records

Genre: Power Metal

Release Date EU: August 19th, 2016

CD review ARMORY "World Peace ... Cosmic War"
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