(8/10) My first Blackfoot album was "Marauder" and the opener of the this great longplayer, "Good Morning", is still one of the best tracks I have heard from Rickey Medlocke and his gang.

The Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist started Blackfoot already back in the 70's and there was some radio silence over the last years. This period is over since the band publishes a new record called "Southern Native" in August, but there are a few things we have to sort out first.

Blackfoot is still a matter close to Medlocke's heart even though he works more behind the scene and leaves the stage to Tim Rossi (g/v), Rick Krasowski (g/v), Matt Anastaci (d) and Brian Carpenter (b). The co-founder took the role of being a mentor for these four young guys, composing the new songs and also producing the new album. The question is, how much Blackfoot you get without any original band member being active.

I can't seriously answer this question. Maybe it would have been better to give this band a new name but the end it might not even matter. What counts is the music and I must say that each of the ten tracks does it's job.

"Southern Native" combines old and new to an entertaining rock package that sounds fresh and dustless. Something that's also perceptible on "Sothern Native" is Medlocke's passion for traditional hardrock. Even though the new Blackfoot album is  build on a solid basement of Southern Rock there are many hardrock references build in, something that gives the longplayer an extra punch. The half-ballad "Take me Home" is one of these songs.

A tune that's also worth to mentioned is furious opener "Need My Ride". It's a number that spreads the enormous power of a puffing locomotive pulling a fast train through the Plains.

Next to the new written songs there is a cover version included in the tracklist too. "Ohio" is an update of the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song that's followed by the grooving "Love This Town".

All in all "Southern Native" that sounds great. The combination of Medlocke's experience and passion, together with the young wildness of the four guys representing the band nowadays seems to be a setup that works and comes across as a true win-win situation.





  1. Need My Ride
  2. Southern Native
  3. Everyman
  4. Call of a Hero
  5. Take me Home
  6. Whiskey Train
  7. Satisfied Man
  8. Ohio
  9. Love This Town
  10. Diabolo Loves Guitars


Label: Loud & Proud

Genre: Southern Rock

Release Date EU: August 5th, 2016

CD review BLACKFOOT "Southern Native"
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