(7/10) D Generation's new longplayer is a kind of surprise to me. It's the fourth release of the rock, punk, glam band from New York and knowing that the last studio album dates back to 1999 makes this new record to an unexpected one. The band had a hiatus for many years, but according to Jesse Malin D Generation never broke up. He stated: "Bands break up, but we're a family, and that's something you can never get away from. We were brothers from the start."

With that said, the band is for sure no dark horse and their new album is dirty rock'n'roll record with a lot of authenticity. "Queens of A" is the first track that comes with a grooving vibe and a catchy chorus. It sounds like a softer version of the good old Ramones and marks a good start into the album.

"Apocalypse Kids" reminded me of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and "Hatful of Ran" rocks pretty well too. "Don't Believe" is held in a more moderate pace and spreads a cool vibe. This song is puristic and authentic, something that actually goes for the entire album.

Some of the tunes, like "Dance Hall Daze", are less thrilling and I have the feeling that the band has often one foot on the break. "Piece of the Action" is such a song. I wish the 'action' would be more energetic. But in the end there is enough good stuff available on this longplayer that makes "Nothing is Anywhere" to a solid rock record that reflects the good old days.





  1. Queens of A
  2. Lonely Ones
  3. Apocalypse Kids
  4. 21st Cebtury Blues
  5. Dance Hall Daze
  6. Mercy of the Rain
  7. Hatful of Ran
  8. Don't Believe
  9. Rich Kids
  10. Militant
  11. Piece of the Action
  12. Not Goin' Back
  13. Tomorrow


Label: Bastard Basement Records

Genre: (Punk) Rock

Release Date EU: July 29th, 2016

CD review D GENERATION "Nothing is Anywhere"
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