(7/10) Good Charlotte remains true to themselves, for the good and the bad. "Youth Authority" is the sixth album of the band from Waldorf, Maryland and the first one after their hiatus in 2011. On the one hand it feels like this break gave the guys some extra energy that is reflected on the new longplayer, secondly they continue with mainstream pop/rock/punk as we know it from the guys and in the end Good Charlotte go further on where they stopped at the end of this decade - bubble gum pop punk with a wide appeal

"Life Changes" is one of the harder tracks on the album, but I can't stop thinking about Bon Jovi while listening to the bridge/chorus. Anyhow, a good and crunchy song and a well-chosen opener for the album. If you ever asked yourself why Good Charlotte's music is classified as pop punk you should listen to "Makeshift Love". The song, even though being very entertaining, feels like the perfect Spring Break soundtrack.

Some more silent moments are included in the tracklist too. "Life Can't Be Much Better" is a mid-paced number with quite some acoustic moments, build on a catchy melody. 

The album comes with two songs where Good Charlotte get support from Kellin Quinn ("Keep Swingin'") and Simon Neil from Biffy Clyro ("Reason to Stay"), both tracks being melodic rockers, written for a bigger audience. 

Talking about the masses, Good Charlotte and bands like Coldplay start to sound very similar. "Cars Full of People" is one example that underlines this statement. Even the sing-a-long part could come from Chris Martin & Co. 

There are some tunes where Good Charlottes takes it a bit too far. "Stray Dogs", the title actually associates a wild track, is an almost cheesy pop rock number that is pure mainstream, something that goes for "War" as well. 

"Youth Authority" is a rock album that has a few small punk references and a bigger pop appeal. In case you’re looking for music that is entertaining without being revolutionary, than this longplayer is the one you should go for. "Youth Authority" is more fast food than a five course musical menu, but sometimes it's the moment for fast food. In this case you shouldn't resist and go for it.





  1. Life Changes
  2. Makeshift Love
  3. 40oz Dream
  4. Life Can't Get Much Better
  5. Keep Swingin' (feat. Kellin Quinn)
  6. Reason to Stay (feat. Simon Neil)
  7. Stray Dogs
  8. Stick to Your Guns Interlude
  9. The Outfield
  10. Cars Full of People
  11. WAR
  12. Moving On
  13. Rise


Label: MDDN

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: July 15th, 2016


CD review GOOD CHARLOTTE "Youth Authority"
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