(6/10) I'm tempted to say that 'nomen et omen' when it comes to "Power Under Control". Islander's sophomore album gave me the impression of a band having control over power and energy in their music. Unfortunately this leads to songs that come with a foot on the break.

After some line-up changes, singer Mikey Carvajal is the only founding member, the new album comes with twelve brand new modern metal songs that are all well-produced, but it's the special kick that's missing. Islander's new tunes don't come with the craziness of Korn, they don't have the mainstream potential of Limp Bizkit and they don't include the anarchic vibe of Rage Against The Machine either.

In the end it seems the band searching for their future direction. "Green Slime Man" is an excursion into hardcore followed by the cheesy pop metal number "Better Day" that reminds me of Crazy Town. The contrast couldn't be much bigger. Another song that shows the 'variations' on "Power Under Control" is called "Beelzebub". Islander combines wild noise parts with mighty scream and melancholic acoustic moments into a five minutes tune that actually doesn't sound too bad. It's just that their isn't any red thread in this song and on the album. Anyhow, there are some numbers that are quite good. One is the grooving "Bad Guy" and the opener "Darkness" shows also some potential.

"Power Under Control" feels like an album of a band that is in a transition phase. Worth to check it out, but I prefer Korn, Deftones and Downset.





  1. Darkness
  2. Bad Guy
  3. Green Slime Man
  4. Better Day
  5. All We Need
  6. Devil Red
  7. A Boat Going By
  8. Beelzebub
  9. Think it Over (feat. HR)
  10. Last Forever
  11. Casket
  12. Wait For It


Label: Victory Records

Genre: Nu Metal

Release Date EU: August 5th, 2016

CD review ISLANDER "Power Under Control"
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