(9/10) Sometimes good things in life just come to you. Finding the debut EP of Midnight Whiskey Worship was one of these moments.

Midnight Whiskey Worship is a project that comes out of the ashes of Dark Day Sunday, another project of Jason Bittner, Frank Aresti and Ed Lanouette. Dark Day Sunday isn't existing anymore but the guys are still busy with new projects - like Mid night Whiskey Worship.

Honestly, I never heard about the band before and I found them by coinsident. Digging deeper showed me that the guys have recently released an EP that comes with five tracks you shouldn't miss. I was seriously impressed.

Next to the three guys mentioned earlier, it's Steve Etzel (g) and Brank Zdravkoski (v) that are part of Midnight Whiskey Worship. These five guys recorded some prog metal tracks that have a real wow-factor.

The album starts with "Presence of Light", a first highlight. The tune begins with a gentle swinging guitar and slowly turns into an brilliant prog metal number. It feels like the early Queensryche meets Fates Warning with a touch of Dream Theater, something that also has to do with the great voice of Zdravkoski. This guys has a wide vocal range that is very beneficial for Midnight Whiskey Worship's songs.

"Windhorse" is next and it's another track that is jaw-dropping good. This five-piece band has the capability to write complex songs that include many layers. However, each of the tracks is comprehensible, for musicians and non-musicians.

The middle of this EP is reserved for an instrumental called "Storm King" before the band offers with "Re-Entry" is a next prog metal peak. It's a more straight-forward song that comes with a cool groove and stands out a bit from the rest.

"Dead Puppets" is the final track on this very well-done record and it's the most aggressive one. The rhythm section is pushing hard and Zdravkoski is strengthening his role as a real metal siren. Fates Warning meets US metal, that's how I would describe the song.

Midnight Whiskey Worship released a disc that surprised me and if you're a fan of Fates Warning and US metal from the eighties you have to check out these five tracks. It's an EP with a wow-factor and I hope the guys continue with Midnight Whiskey Worship.





  1. Presence of Light
  2. Windhorse
  3. Storm King
  4. Re-Entry
  5. Dead Puppet


Label: Self-released

Genre: Prog Metal

Release Date: July 2016

CD review MIDNIGHT WHISKEY WORSHIP "Midnight Whiskey Worship" EP
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