(8/10) Ten years ago a few young guys teamed up in Frankfurt, Germany, sharing a common passion for punk rock. Serum 114 was born and in the meantime the band from Hessen became a constant factor in German punk rock, having released four records with some chart entries in their home country. “Kopf ueber nichts” even made it into the German LP Top 10 charts.

The new album “Die Nacht mein Freund” is Serum 114 fifth one, containing thirteen punk rockers in German language. To write a review of this album without mentioning Die Toten Hosen is a mission impossible. Serum 114 songs show more than once a crosslink to Campino and friends. Songs like “Schlaflos” and “Ich Lebe”, as two examples, could have been also from “Kreuzzug ins Glueck”.

But it wouldn’t be fair to reduce the band and this album to these similarities. Serum 114 is more. The band makes with “Die Nacht mein Freund” a next step out of the mighty shades of Die Toten Hosen, developing more own trademarks. And if this isn’t enough to get excited there are lyrics that are worth to be listened to.

“Ich sehe rot” is a well-done punk rocker that takes a clear standpoint against nationalism, something that’s more than needed and highly important in these crazy days.

One of my faves on the album is called “Wie lange noch”. It’s a straightforward track that comes with a Sisters Of Mercy (“More”) guitar motive in the beginning, being repeated through out the entire song.

That Serum 144 can also handle some silent moments is what they prove with the half ballad “Ich bin so” or the truly sentimental “Wilde Zeit”.

Serum 114 managed to develop their own identity during the last decade, something that makes this album to an entertaining punk rock adventure.





  1. Die Nacht mein Freund
  2. Mein Leben meine Wahl
  3. Wilde Zeit
  4. Schlaflos
  5. Ich sehe rot
  6. Ich lebe
  7. Lasst mich los
  8. Wie lange noch
  9. Der Roenkrieg
  10. Betaeubt von dir
  11. Lia
  12. Gute Nacht Freunde
  13. Ich bin so


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Punk Rock

Release Date EU: August 5th, 2016

CD review SERUM 114 "Die Nacht mein Freund"
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