(8/10) I think that Sodom is one of these bands that nobody really dislikes. You either love them or you're neutral and respect the trio. I think that this has a lot to do with Tom and his band mates being authentic and in this sense they are a kind of Motörhead of thrash metal. 

The moment Sodom announces a new album is for the by far biggest part of the metal community a great one. Fans of the German thrash band from Gelsenkirchen could appreciate such a moment in time already 14 times and the 15th studio record is on its way. It's impressive how Tom Angelripper and his gang managed to constantly increase their fan base by further developing their trademarks and never denying their roots. Sodom is Sodom, also on “Decision Day”. But the trio improved their thrash metal by keeping it fresh and contemporary. Sodom is not re-inventing the wheel. The guys perfect it.

“Decision Day” is the new milestone of German’s metal dinosaur, an album that starts with a short intro, embedded in the opener. “In Retribution” is the name of the song and it hits you like a sledgehammer. It’s an uncompromising headbanger with great riffs and Tom’s raw vocals. “Rolling Thunder” is similar even though the tune has some more melodic moments. However, the brutal riffing dominates.

The title track rounds of a strong triple in the beginning of an album that has an enormous punch. “Decision Day” is a mighty track that can easily compete with Sodom classics. A song, also worth to be mentioned, is “Who is God?”. The way how Tom Angelripper shouts “Who’s God?” is more than brilliant and also the moaning bridge is well-done.

“Belligerence” is living by breaks and change in speed. Sometime moderate, even with an acoustic guitar, and often high speed the song belongs to the most vary ones on “Decision Day.

But Sodom is more than only excellent thrash metal. Lyrics are more than just a necessity. Tom Angelripper has something to say. There is “Decision Day” that puts the focus on the liberation of Europe back in June 1944 while “Three Lions” condemns the insane hunt of wealthy ‘hunter’s for lions.

“Decision Day” underlines the status and importance of Sodom in European metal. They are belonging, together with Kreator and Destruction, to the spearhead of German thrash metal and also the new album will change anything connected to that.





  1. In Retribution
  2. Rolling Thunder
  3. Decision Day
  4. Caligula
  5. Who Is God?
  6. Strange Lost World
  7. Vaginal Born Evil
  8. Belligerence
  9. Blood Lions
  10. Sacred Warpath
  11. Refused To Die


Label: SPV/Steamhammer

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: August 26th, 2016


CD review SODOM "Decision Day"
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