(8/10) One of the newcomers in hardrock this year are RavenEye from the UK. The three-piece was founded in 2014 by guitarist/singer Oli Brown and bassplayer Aaron Spiers. So far the guys didn't release more than an EP in 2015 which was called "Breaking Out". 

The quartet promoted this EP intesively with a lot of touring connected. RavenEye supported bands like Deep purple, Halestorm and Slash, also playing on bigger European festivals such as Download Festival and Hellfest. So it was less the releases that opened RavenEye for a bigger audience, it has been the extensive touring activities that had two effects. It helped RavenEye to constantly enlarge their fan base and growing together as a band.

RavenEye's debut is being shipped to the record stores as we speak and it presents a band that comes with esxcellent songs and a tight way of performing them. The eleven songs on the album cover a wider range of influences - from Led Zeppelin to Soundgarden. All this inspiration led to songs that are featuring some bluesy elements, classic rock, hardrock and a touch of retro, packaged in a modern expression and a heaviness that makes the album to an interesting one for rock fans and metalheads.

"Nova" starts slow and heavy with "Wanna Feel You". The song has a certain alternative metal flair that partly reminds me of Alice In Chains merged with traditional hardrock. It's a cool start into an exciting album. That RavenEye can also play faster is what the band shows with the dynamic "Come With Me" followed by the grooving "Inside". 

The post-grunge moments are coming back in the darker "Supernova" that belongs the best songs on the album. More cool stuff is named "Madeline" which is an energetic rocker, something that also goes for "Out of the Rain". 

The most emotional moment on the record is called "Eternity" which is a slow and romantic tune, including a melancholic expression that makes the track to a really touching one.

All in all "Nova" became an exciting piece of music of some newcomers that will challenge established rock bands. RavenEye came to stay.





  1. Wanna Feel You
  2. Come With Me
  3. Inside
  4. Hero
  5. Supernove
  6. Walls
  7. Oh My Love
  8. Madeline
  9. Hate
  10. Out of the Rain
  11. Eternity


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: September 23rd, 2016

CD review RAVENEYE "Nova"
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