Shark is the new rock group launched by metal veteran and co-founding member, lead guitar player and songwriter of 80’s thrash metal icons Abattoir, The band features: Mark “The Shark” Caro, (Guitar / Lead Vocals) Craig “Stretch” Miller (from LA club legends A La Carte) on bass and Los Angeles drum veteran, John Poblick. 

The Los Angeles based three-piece have just released an independent LP entitled Extreme Outbreak comprised of ten in your face tracks loaded with everything that rock fans come to expect from a great rock album.

The band will also release an EP entitled The Don’t Blink Sessions with songs that did not make it on the full length. Caro explains, ”These songs were a bit outside the style continuity of Extreme Outbreak and so the decision was made to put them out on a separate bonus release.”

1. Words
3. Unhappy
4. Believe It
5. Love Potion #9
6. Creepin’
7. Israel (Love and Peace)
8. That’s the Way
9. Spread the Word
10. High Noon
11. Too Good


PS: But Abattoir fans watch out, Shark sounds quite different.

SHARK - the new band of ABATTOIR founding member Mark Caro
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