(7/10) Like I mentioned already in some of my earlier posts that it seems to be a revival of 'old' German thrash metal bands. Exumer and co. released during the last years new longplayers followed now by another band. Darkness, that released some thrash metal records in the eighties, are back with "The Gasoline Solution".
Darkness has been overshadowed by another band from Essen, Germany - Kreator. But also bands like Sodom and Destruction have performed in the first league of German thrash metal, followed by bands like Darkness. The band could score some decent results and they where also well known in the underground, but never got further than that.
"The Gasoline Solution" feels like a transformation of the old sound into modern times. Especially the production improved while the songs are still straight-forward thrash metal tracks. These tunes live by their energy without showing too much technical finesse. They are more like a hit in the face rather than a complex karate moves.
I like this album because it feels like a journey back in time to days when metal started to grow in Germany. It's enteraining with its simplicity and can be seen as well-done ammunition for headbanging - not more but also not less.





  1. Tinkerbell Must Die
  2. Another Reich
  3. Freedom on Parole
  4. Welcome to Pain
  5. L.A.W.
  6. Pay a Man
  7. The Gasoline Solution
  8. Dressed in Red
  9. This Bullet's For You


Label: High Roller Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: October 7th, 2016

CD review DARKNESS "The Gasoline Solution"
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