(9/10) I think that 'simple' and 'puristic' are two keywords that characterize Darkthrone's newest album "Arctic Thunder". It might be that 'simple' has a negative meaning but not how I use it in this context. The beauty of this blackened release is the simplicity. "Arctic Thunder" is an album that creates a strong emotional reaction, created by simple but effective riffs that roll over everybody that dares to out this disc into the player.

The slow and mean opener "Tundra Leech" starts a trip into darkness. It's the beginning of a gloomy vibe that goes through the entire album. Interesting with the opener is the mentioned slower parts that build-up to an immense and mighty metal song.

Things get faster with "Burial Bliss" that comes with a raw punk attitude - a tune that's really kicking before "Boreal Fiends" brings the listener back to a more moderate sphere, at least when comes to pace. However, it's no moment to relax.

This would be needed because "Inbred Vermin" is another smasher that stands for excellent blackened metal. The title track opens the second half and things stay exciting. "Arctic Thunder" is also in mid-pace with some classic NWoBHM parts included, esp. when it comes to the guitar sound. For me it's the best song on this longplayer.

"Throw Me Through the Marshes" stands like a rock and also "Deep Lake Trespass" can keep the quality level pretty high. The closer is called "The Wyoming Distance" which is a nasty black'n'roller that shows the variation of sounds captured on "Arctic Thunder".

To sum up: Darkthrone's newest full-length album is spot on. The Norwegians don't get lost in details and perfections. This longplayer is raw and pure underground with a high quality level being included. As mentioned in the beginning: simple, puristic, primitive and passionate.





  1. Tundra Leech
  2. Burial Bliss
  3. Boreal Fiends
  4. Inbred Vermin
  5. Arctic Thunder
  6. Throw Me Through the Marshes
  7. Deep Lake Trespass
  8. The Wyoming Distance


Label: Peaceville Records

Genre: Black Metal

Release Date EU: October 14th, 2016

CD review DARKTHRONE "Arctic Thunder"
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